【OUTSM People】從南美洲出發,只為了划龍舟-愛台灣的 Gilberto


Gilberto Rivera,潘俊仁,一位與台灣緣分很深的墨西哥人。





“I believe that life put people where they should be and we were there during that year.”



I’m Gilberto and during my time in Taiwan, I was in the local Dragon boat team. Rowing dragon boat was our main exercise. I still can’t forget those days when we trained almost every day at 5 in the morning in order to be ready for the competition on Dragon Boat Festival.



I trained with some school friends, old folks and some foreigners that also joined the team. We first practiced in a row pool (a pool that stimulates the water flow of the river) and then when we became more skilled, we started to practice in a river near the university.


We usually do some extra exercises before and after the training and had a really good breakfast after that that kept me full till lunch.


After working hard for months, our efforts led us to the Taipei finals that year.


As I mentioned, ‘people’ is what I treasured most when I participated in these activities. I loved the time with those people, we made a nice family, and had a great time training.


Therefore, if there is an app like OUTSM that gathers people around your area and helps you find sports/exercise events near you. I would definitely be the first one to sign up for it. The concept of providing a platform for whoever wants to do sports with others is quite brilliant and worth a try. Especially when there is a chance that you may meet other good sports companions via the platform.


For me, doing sports or exercising is not just about yourself, it’s about the people you do it with. Your companions are who make the time you spend more precious and more enjoyable.